Genova, Galleria San Matteo 1953

Where: Genoa, Galleria San Matteo Date: 1953 The exhibition focused on the ‘birth’ of a ship in the shipyard. Novaresio treated this subject (which was fashionable at the time) without rhetoric: he did not use an evocative or descriptive tone, but his drawings are sharp, schematic and precise, just like..Leggi di più

Sassari, Padiglione dell’artigianato

Where: Sassari, Padiglione dell’Artigianato, Date: 1963 According to the newspapers of that period, the exhibition was largely appreciated by the public and critics, who saw in Novaresio’s African paintings “an unconventional Africa, portrayed through an in-depth knowledge of various countries: Somalia, Rhodesia, Tanganyika and South Africa”. Images and scans La..Leggi di più

Genova, Circolo della Stampa

Where: Genoa, Circolo della Stampa Date: 1954 When Novaresio came back from his first trip to Somalia, he brought with him the results of his African artistic research. As critics pointed out, the artist was not interested in ‘easy’ exoticism: on the contrary, he wanted to portray reality with incisive..Leggi di più

Prima Mostra Nazionale d’Arte Sociale

Where: Genoa, Palazzo Reale Date: 1946   The provincial socialist federation organized this event, in order to celebrate the new social myths, such as work. The exhibition, however, was not successful, due to its propaganda purposes and the illustrative style of many paintings. Images and scans Emporium, anno LII, vol.CV,..Leggi di più

Genova, Galleria Lo Zodiaco

Where: Genoa, Galleria Lo Zodiaco Date: 1946 A small, short-lived gallery, which tried to focus its activity on the Avant-garde. Casorati, Mesciulam, Fieschi, Scanavino, Basso, Cherchi, Santomaso were among the artists who took part in this exhibition. Images and scans Verzetti 12 aprile 1946