Tempere di Giovanni Novaresio

Where: Kismayo (Somalia), Kismayo School Date: 1954   This is Novaresio’s first solo exhibition outside Italy. The artist described it as a tribute to Somalia: he did not yet know that this would be the first of a long series of exhibitions on his land of adoption. Landscapes and, above..Leggi di più

Genova, Associazione “La Serenissima”

Where: Genoa, Associazione ‘La Serenissima’ Date: 1954 An example of the often abused comparison between art and nature: Novaresio’s and Tampieri’s paintings were displayed in the halls of the association ‘La Serenissima’, together with the works of the flower painter Podestà. No photographs were found, but the theme of the..Leggi di più

Somali a palazzo San Giorgio

Where: Genoa, Palazzo San Giorgio Date: 1962 Novaresio did not personally take part in this exhibition, but promoted it actively and passionately. The real protagonists of this event were Aden Mohamed, Fatuma Giana and Isuf, three young Somali artists. The exhibition also included a series of small sculptures from the..Leggi di più

8 proposte per un manifesto contro la guerra

Luogo: Genova, Galleria il punto Anno: 1974 La critica salutò con entusiasmo il ritorno, dopo vent’anni, di una personale di Novaresio a Genova, sottolineando l’importanza dell’artista nel movimento di avanguardia cittadina. L’esposizione era formata da due sezioni: un’antologica (1943-1973) e le “8 proposte per un manifesto contro la guerra”, opere..Leggi di più

Palermo, Galleria del Banco di Sicilia

Where: Palermo, Galleria del Banco di Sicilia A large exhibition, in which the artist displayed more than fifty works, example of how his art was moving towards abstraction. However, the exhibition also included a series of female figures portrayed through rapid and vigorous brush strokes. Year: 1976 Immagini e scansioni..Leggi di più

VII Mostra Regionale d’arte

Where: Genoa, Palazzo dell’Accademia Date: 1953 Critics welcomed the exhibition because the works displayed here provided a complete overview of the various trends within the Ligurian art. Novaresio won the award for his Natura morta [Still life], although Crocefissione [Crucifixion] received better reviews in newspapers. Images and scans Il Secolo..Leggi di più

Johannesburg (Sudafrica), The Vanguard Gallery

Where: Johannesburg (South Africa), The Vanguard Gallery Date: 1956 Another example of Novaresio’s international activity. The local press was very interested in this exhibition, pointing out the versatility of his drawing technique: this stylistic choice was considered particularly suitable to portray the African people and landscape, which the artist captured..Leggi di più